You can kick in Boxman now!

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It’s time for another update! I didn’t do an update last week because nothing happened. I had exams, and I wanted time off, simple.┬áLet’s start with a gif of the new feature in Boxman:



Yup, kicking. The number one most requested feature during our multiplayer tests was melee. And so we decided to add melee, but do it in the coolest way possible. Besides which, this game is all about doing this differently, so spin kicking is the way to go.

In other news we’ve been working on the trailer for the game, which has required us to polish up things and make it special, things like some sound effects, particle effects and little touches to make it really look nice for the trailer.

A sniper scope was also requested, so that’s being added, along with some other additions to the UI, namely damage indicators. We felt like being shot didn’t matter, and in some cases players weren’t even aware they were being shot, hence adding stuff like that.

Anyway, that’s about it. More new cool stuff will be added by next saturday, so I will post another update then, be sure to come back!