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So there wouldn’t be much point in a company that doesn’t do anything. So this is what we are working on right this minute.

Boxman Begins

We have collaborated with others to bring you our largest ever project, Boxman begins.

BoxmanBegins 2015-05-22 13-05-48-672

What is Boxman Begins?

Boxman Begins is a high octane online shooter that tries to be different in it’s game mode design and provide adrenaline inducing action.

Featuring game modes like “Pass the Bullet” in which snipers pass around a single bullet between them. And “Giantslayer”, in which players grow in size and strength with each kill, forcing alliances to be made and broken as the game moves on.

Here’s some quick clips of it in action!

The game is deep in development but we there is a free demo of the alpha version which you can dowload with the ling below! Please do tell us what you thought of it.

Boxman Begins Demo (Win)

Are we working on anything else?

Boxman is our primary project right now, but we occasionally experiment with small projects. Game prototypes, twine games, and websites are often juggled around, although they do not have the priority of Boxman.


  • Colm

    Hi David. I look forward to the scales engine.

  • Matt Kyles

    Sounds bloody wicked guys, keep up the good work! It’s about time Cross-platform compatibility was brought to the forefront of gaming 😀 Glad to see SOMEONE is taking steps in the right direction!