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  • Games Are a Whole New Form Of Storytelling

     I have been fascinated by stories in games ever since I fell more and more into the universe of gaming. When I started making games I was convinced stories were the most important thing in games. I read books on game design which stated that games couldn’t tell decent stories and probably never will. They told me the important thing about games was the mechanics, story was just a lick of paint. That was several years ago and ever since reading this I have been determined to make stories a part of games that people didn’t think of as a lick of paint. (more…)

  • 5 Reasons Why Reading Makes You Better At Game Development
    This is what you need to read!

    Reading is something that has so many benefits I cannot possibly list them here, so I will attempt to show you how reading increases your creativity and imagination, makes you more patient and generally a better person. For a lot of people reading is time out of their busy day, time that could be spent doing something else. The fact is reading will even decrease your stress and allow you to think more clearly. Let’s face it reading is epic. This is why. (more…)

  • Game development is hard, this is why

    Hello there, my name is Tyler Rogers, head game designer for an upcoming indie game I’m working on with your very own David Colson. The game is unnamed at the moment, but is addressed unofficially as “Boxman”. Through these last couple of months, my dream of being in charge of a video game that people everywhere can enjoy is starting to take shape. It has already been an incredible success and I am excited for even more progress in the months ahead. Before I launch into my experiences of game development and things I have already learned from it I would like to thank David for letting me guest write on the site. It is a incredible site and I am grateful for the opportunity, and for your presence in the game development community. (more…)