• Video game style guides are extremely useful.
    borderlands 2 concept art

    When people think of design documents for games the great “game design document” always comes up. Lets not forget it’s not the only one, at peripheral labs we have three main design documents, the game design document, which outlines the gameplay. The technical design document, which outlines technology to be used, game engines, graphics techniques and so on. Then we have the art style guide, something commonly associated with web design and graphic design. I think its just as important in video games. (more…)

  • Mobile is Vital as a Web Developer
    Mobile Website Comparison

    Being someone who setup my own web-design company you see a lot of things change and at a rapid speed too. I’m talking here about how you design websites. You must never overlook the importance of mobile in web design (more…)

  • What Exactly Are Black Holes?
    Black Hole

    Black holes are one of astronomical things that fascinate me the most. They are oddities of the universe that until recently we didn’t even know if they existed. Now however thanks to new studies and NASA’s NuSTAR (Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array) telescope we know more about them. So please read on and come and share my interest in these strange phenomenon that effectively are giant vacuum cleaners without the ability to get back that piece of Lego you sucked up.


  • Nikola Tesla – The forgotten genius
    The man himself, Nikola Tesla

    Most of us were taught at school that Edison invented the electric light bulb and Marconi invented the radio – Right?  WRONG! Nikola Tesla, the man responsible for AC power distribution (what you use to charge the device you’re reading this on) has been sadly forgotten in time, overshadowed by greedy businessmen and lost in the pages of history. This is all about why it’s so important and why radio and electricity is just a scratch of what he has done. (more…)

  • 5 Reasons Why Reading Makes You Better At Game Development
    This is what you need to read!

    Reading is something that has so many benefits I cannot possibly list them here, so I will attempt to show you how reading increases your creativity and imagination, makes you more patient and generally a better person. For a lot of people reading is time out of their busy day, time that could be spent doing something else. The fact is reading will even decrease your stress and allow you to think more clearly. Let’s face it reading is epic. This is why. (more…)