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  • Akumakon, Boxman and Cellular Automata – A Monthly Update

    The question is, what is going on at Peripheral Labs? We’re a quiet bunch I’m afraid, getting stuck into all sorts of work and trying our best to finish Boxman, our long in development game, but hopefully a nice monthly update will fill you in and convince you we aren’t doing nothing.


  • The Boxman Begins Demo is out!
    BoxmanBegins 2015-05-22 13-05-48-672

    If anyone has followed us for the past few years, you know we’ve been working on a game for a long time. I think we’re at 2 years 6 months right now. It’s been a rocky road of learning, hardships, and above all great satisfaction.

    We rebuilt the game in a new engine this year and we’re releasing a free demo of the in development alpha version. Which is what I’d like to share with you here!